"6 Out of 14 Students have been qualified in JEE-Advanced 2019"

Highest Success Ratio In Pune (15 out of 24 Students Qualified For JEE- Advanced 2019)

Director’s Profile:

“Since my childhood, I loved Mathematics. Thanks to my dad that I started learning higher level Mathematics at the age of 15. The evenings of my secondary school days were spent on cricket, football, and badminton. Higher school days were tougher, with the competitive exams beckoning the fighter spirit in me. IIT Kharagpur was where I landed and became an Instrumentation Engineer. I still remember those days of music, novels, and friends. After passing out and serving a few companies I chose the education sector. For the past 19 years, I have worked with many esteemed and well-known IIT Coaching Institutes and have coached thousands of students. I have tasted success every time my student was successful. It is this sense of satisfaction that drove me to start ‘Adhyayan Institute’. Thank you for considering Adhyayan Institute, as the first step of your promising career.”

-Pritam Sir

(B.Tech, IIT Kharagpur)

(19 years of experience in mentoring students)

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